We have narrowed down our list to 64 organizations in four "divisions", but as a team, we need your help once again to choose the final four organizations. Since it’s March and we live in Indiana, we have basketball on our minds.

Each week, we will open up bracket-style voting to help us narrow the field from 64 to 4. Voting opens each Monday and closes each Sunday. You will vote on each "game" in each division every week.

Follow along on our Facebook page all month long. Help us spread the word and share it with your friends. We are so excited to spend the next year learning about our four new charity partners!

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I don't feel like there is enough words to say thanks to Peterman Brothers.

This is huge for the fund and our community in general. Because this money can reach so many children in our town, we’ll be able to do so much more than we already do simply because they offered this to us.  - Whitney Budd, Student’s Fund of Hope Founder/President - 2022 Charity Showdown Partner.